• Everything in existence is made from atoms

  • Sub-atomic particles vibrate, thus all living and non-living things have a unique frequency

  • All things, including thoughts and emotions are vibrating energy

  • When emotions are not processed naturally, they can become errant balls of energy lodged in the body

  • Those balls of energy can distort vulnerable tissues, leading to discomfort, also known as: "Issues in your tissues"

  • The Emotion Code is a science-based healing modality that releases trapped emotions permanently

Releasing Trapped Emotions

  • I use The Emotion Code technique and a magnet to release emotional baggage

  • It is not "talk it out" therapy

  • You may say as much or as little as you like

  • I release trapped emotions from both humans and animal companions to include loyal dogs, cats, and majestic horses

Wild Icelandic Horses