Meet the Healer

Keli Danielle Washington-Farley | CECP

  • I am a certified Emotion Code Practioner

  • Love for all of mankind with a servant's heart describes me well

  • I am a romantic storyteller and a great listener

  • But releasing trapped emotions is my calling!


Veteran-owned business

Personal Tidbits


  • I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology


  • Before that, ​I honorably served in the United States Air Force

  • ​I was an instructor navigator on the RC-135, also known as Rivet Joint, or "RJ" for short

  • I've been deployed to combat zones a number of times & flew in both Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom campaigns


  • I am a Texas-registered Interior Designer  

  • I worked in a highly successful architectural firm for 6 years

Those who know the invisible can do the impossible